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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Elissa, May 5, 2018.

  1. Elissa

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    Jailbreak VPN is primarily is a free VPN company. All of our products are free, yes completely free. We make money by showing you ads.

    Now, a lot of the users want to spend money to get a better VPN. That's where Private Internet Access(PIA) comes in.

    Here is the link to get some discount around 20 cents in their yearly plan
    Affiliate Link
  2. Madz

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    Just want to ask a few things since I really admire your VPN App on Android (Play Store) and all that.

    1. Is Jailbreak VPN Pro 7.11 still and active app? I mean its totally plagued by issues right now. Got the Pro version from Play Store just now.
    2. If yes can you disclose when the newer version will come out? the version from Play Store is killin' me.
    3. Is your Company or Organization still active or something? Are you having issues with Google, etc? If yes kindly specify, if no, kindly disregard this.

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