We have discovered a phishing attack located on your network:

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  1. netcraft2

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We have discovered a phishing attack located on your network:

    https://proxy.jailbreakvpn.com/index.php?q=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubmV0ZmxpeC5jb20v []

    You may not have been aware of this attack, however, you are still responsible for removing it.

    This attack targets our customer, Netflix, website URL https://www.netflix.com/.

    Please remove this fraudulent content, and any other associated fraudulent content, as soon as possible.

    Additionally, please send any files associated with the fraudulent content to records@netflix.com so that our customer and law enforcement agencies can investigate the incident further.



    Phone: +44(0)1225 447500
    Fax: +44(0)1225 448600

    Netcraft Issue Number: 2696434

    To contact us about updates regarding this attack, please respond to this email. Please note: replies to this address will be logged, but aren't always read. If you believe you have received this email in error, or you require further support, please contact: takedown@netcraft.com.

    This mail can be parsed with x-arf tools. Visit http://www.xarf.org/ for more information about x-arf.
  2. Elissa

    Elissa Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Netcraft, team. we have removed the URL. Please reply here for any future communication

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