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    Here we describe how to use JailBreak VPN, our aim is to make the application more user-friendly to you(Screenshot available).
    So let's start the tutorial:
    1.For this app, you need to download it from the Google Play(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jailbreakvpn.lifetime).
    2.After installing this app you need to click the app icon to start.
    4.Before starting the application there is a notification in the display and you have to mark the trusted option and the app started to work then.
    3.The countdown begins to start.
    4.You have a push notification whether this one connected or not. If the notification says that activated that means you are connected with the JailBreak VPN and also there shows the bandwidth means to upload and download speed.
    5.In the Navigation Drawer, the first option is to upgrade to VIP, if you agree then you have to buy our 3packages that mentioned in the app.Just click one package and you got the process to buy.
    6.Any query regarding the VPN means a little description and there are some questions on VPN is listed at Help option. So you can get the knowledge about VPN and how it works and it purposes.
    7. If you want to share this application with your friends or near and dear ones then you need to click to Invite friends options that are listed at navigation drawer.There you can share it via WhatsApp or Bluetooth and also there a QR code. So your friend can scan the QR code and directly this one through to the Google play store.
    8.Help us improve and Like us both bypass to our Facebook official page which is maintained by our Leader. So any suggestion to improve our application you can post those on our official page and we are following your suggestion to make the application more efficient and user-friendly too.
    9.In Settings part in navigation drawer there some option that helps you to more comfortable to use.There about us which is a short description of our company.
    10.VPN Server there listed many countries server. So which one you choose that directly move to that country server.

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