Status: Unable to connect the server

Discussion in 'Support and Questions' started by Sinan, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Sinan

    Sinan New Member

    I am trying to use the jailbreaker vpn, but currently, it is giving the following message after I click on "Connect":
    Status: Unable to connect the server

    So how will it work again?

  2. Charlie

    Charlie New Member Staff Member

    Hi Sinan, Thanks for letting us know.For some users, there was some connection issue was happening.Can you please confirm that our recent upgrade has fixed your problem?
  3. jackash

    jackash New Member

    I can not connect to any sever on the new free download VPN its just never connect the older version works great.
  4. Elissa

    Elissa Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, please keep using old version then

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