New facelift for Jailbreak VPN Pro (Ideas)

Discussion in 'Proposals' started by Madz, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Madz

    Madz New Member

    1. Have a newer facelift for the App
    2. Fix issues and bugs from the App
    3. Market the App more and let people feel of your presence that your still overall active running

    You have a good piece of App right here so I hope you can still get lifted up more. Just my opinion. Its still your end that has the final call. These are just proposals, suggestions.
  2. Elissa

    Elissa Administrator Staff Member

    @Madz , Thank you for taking time to write this proposal. Regarding Facelift,what kind of facelift you want?
  3. Madz

    Madz New Member

    Just a suggestion again, come in really strong with your products because this is the dawn of the rising of popularity of VPNs. Maybe your company can invest on a little marketing or sponsoring on the web or even in your country of origin. There is a lot and a strong competion out there, all do the same so whats with your VPN that customers like us are driven to use. Yours for me is just simple and not complicated to use which I like about JailbreakVPN. What makes your VPN stand ot from the rest? whats unique in it. Thats also the Facelift I'm talking about in my previous post. Like a change in the App UI/Design making it newer and attractive (you even had a Pink JailbreakVPN version that ladies want for example). Just stay in front of the Pack. Hope these small ideas help. Easier said than Done but I know your team and programmers are dedicated so dont waste time and push hard and make Google regret their decision of loosing you. Anyway its their loss not yours. since you took off all your apps in Play store because you dont agree with their directions then hold on to the principle you have now. That will truly help propell you up . good luck.

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