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Discussion in 'Support and Questions' started by bani, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. bani

    bani New Member

    I want to subscribe to the $4.99 package i like the reliable connection, i would like to have the consistent reliable service that paid service offers. i am new to vpn try 1 from here, there yours is the most reliable i have $4.95 in my limited (very limited) budget considering my physical disability's this is a fee that you deserve for letting me try what you have, you trusted me, now you have my loyalty ( i am nothing in this world ) for your service.. Oh by the way i enjoy the comics of the prisoner who gets unchained very brilliant it's like most of us controlled, i just wanted you to know. i forgot i really want to know how to pay the fee, i tried so many time i cannot get to the payment page, well thank you all.
  2. Ted

    Ted New Member

    @bani , Thanks for your reply.
    Currently we are offering only the free version

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